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When is it Happening?

At this time, we are preparing for our first live service to take place on Sunday, June 7th.

As we return to live services, the one thing we know for certain is that it is going to require a lot of patience, flexibility and a willingness to sacrifice for others. On the next few pages, I want to give a brief explanation of what we expect to do, though certainly I’ll give more complete details when we’re prepared to launch.


  • Our sanctuary has been reset to allow for social distancing. We will measure and observe the federal standards – six feet between family units. As you might imagine, that means our capacity has been greatly reduced! We are able to accommodate approximately 30 people in a single service.
  • We will have two (2) main services only. Initially, there will be no kids’ ministry activities, nursery or childcare. Small groups, etc. will continue to meet online. We will plan to have 2 services on Sunday mornings, 9:00a and 11:00a, to accommodate those of you who desire to attend services live.
  • We will have an online RSVP for services where you will enter the number of family members who will be attending with you. When a service is full, we will no longer accept registrations for that service.
  • We will have a number of safety measures in place as required by the State of Ohio. Please know – these are not done as the result of fear! Instead, we are doing everything we know to do to protect the most vulnerable among us and prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Our motivation is not fear but love for others in our church family.
    • When you arrive, you will be directed to a parking spot. You will need to wait in your car until approximately fifteen minutes before service. When the sanctuary has been cleaned and disinfected, you will be invited to enter.
    • When you enter the building, you will be directed to a designated seating area for your family.
    • After service, we will dismiss people to ensure a quick, safe exit.
    • To help prevent the spread of infection, masks will be recommended but not required of all in attendance.
    • Common areas and gathering spaces of the building will be closed.
    • There will be no coffee service and no offering buckets passed around. We will leave the offering buckets near the entrances for those who prefer this method of giving. We encourage you to give your tithes and offerings online.
    • Before every service, the sanctuary, seating and all high-touch services will be disinfected. We will only allow people in the room after that procedure is complete.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the building. We encourage their frequent use.
    • We will continuously wipe down surfaces in the rest rooms and other high touch areas during our service.
    • Greeters will be wearing masks and gloves. We will not shake hands, hug or high five. Instead, we will air hug, wave and smile.

Some of Our Congregation Will Need to Stay at Home

While we would love to see you in person, we care about you and want you to stay healthy! If you are high risk because of age or underlying health conditions, we encourage you to stay home and continue watching online.

If you have a fever or are exhibiting signs of illness within the past 14 days, we are asking that you stay at home and watch the service online. This is important because of the guidelines set for by the CDC for workplace and gatherings.

Some of Our Congregation Will Choose to Stay at Home

We also understand that the practices put in place might be uncomfortable for some, and coming to worship at church could be an even bigger distraction than staying at home and watching online. We respect your decision to stay at home if you think that this serves you and your family best.

Some of Our Congregation Will Choose to Gather

We know that there are those of you that will choose to gather by following the standard practices listed. You’ve done a beautiful job of loving and caring for others during this unprecedented season. Let’s keep that same attitude of love and concern as we transition into another new way of doing church.

Future Phases

We are beginning to make plans for future phases which we hope will happen in fairly quick succession where we can meet in smaller groups (Student Ministries, small groups, Growth Track classes, etc.) within the building. Children’s ministry will probably be among the last groups to be able to gather as normal. There are plans and procedures in place, and they will continue to evolve as we find ways to engage our children and parents.

Like you, we can’t wait for life and church to be back to “normal” – whatever that new normal will be. Many of these things feel like a hassle and extra work – because they are!  But because God is sovereign, we can have confidence that it is going to get better!

We look forward to worshipping with you online or in person soon.


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